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blh artists management            Bea Levine-Humm


Welcome to BLH Artists Management!

After almost 40 years of active participation in the musical life of Norway and world wide, I have decided that the time has come for me to retire from this exciting and rewarding profession. 

I wish to thank all of the wonderful artists whom I have had the honor of representing, as well as all of the wonderful artists with whom I have collaborated. 

Finally I wish to thank all of my professional colleagues with whom I  have worked and who helped to make the music available to the public.



 Email:  blhprivat (at) gmail.com

Arve Tellefsen,  Tor Espen Aspaas and Joakim Røbergshagen

will now be represented by my colleague Sarah C Aker, the leader of

Aker Artists Management 

You may contact her directly at her web page: